Czech 'n out Prague!

Hey everyone! The first weekend of February I went to Prague, Czech Republic with 6 other girls! It was our first trip that we planned ourselves. We left Friday morning at 5:30am from Gaming to walk to the train station in Kienberg-Gaming. Our train left at 6:30am for Vienna. We had a stop in St.Polten which is in between Gaming and Vienna. Once we got to Vienna we had to take the West Banhof to the Sudbanhof. We finally bought our tickets for Prague and got on our train. It was about a 4 hour trian ride to the Czech Republic. We got into Prague at 3pm that day. The rest of the day we figured out where our hostel was and ate dinner. We just had Italian which the Czech's did an amazing job at! We rested up for our big Saturday! Saturday morning we woke up early to take the metro to the Old side of Prague. Prague is very beautiful but has so much graffiti. In Prague we saw the St. Charles Bridge and went up to the castle. The castle was so beautiful and was on a lot of land. It was not like a normal castle that you go into it was like a little town with shops and restaurants and a beautiful Gothic Church. The church was beautiful but had so MANY tourists inside. It made it a bit more difficult to pray and concentrate. Prague was a bit colder so we stopped for some hot chocolate at this cute cafe. Our next adventure and the entire reason we went to Prague was to see the Infant of Prague. The church was so simple and humble. As we walked in, it was decked in gold. The Infant was off to the side and was so beautiful. He was wearing white! I knelt to pray for awhile, especially for mercy, and especially for Jake and his household which have a devotion to the Infant Child of Prague. We were able to see clothes that people had made that were dedicated to the Infant. I learned so much while I was there and was able to pray for a good bit. A priest from the Czech Republic said mass in English for us and talked to us about the Infant. He was so joyful to be with us and to teach us about the Infant and what a blessing it is to have such a shrine in Prague. After mass with this priest we prayed a bit more and had the most amazing, authentic Czech meal. All of us girls went to this little place that was so quiet and lit with candles. We all tried each others meals and went all the way. I got these Czech dumplings with saurkraut and meat inside with a glass of white wine and pineapple with chocolate for dessert! It was such a good meal!! The trip was so wonderful and we learned a lot about traveling on our own, relying on the Lord, and seeking Him in all that we do throughout the day.

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