About a month ago, all of us on the Gaming campus traveled to Poland. It was about a 12 hour drive. We visited Czechtohowa, Krakow, Wadowice. The first place was Czechtohowa. We had mass where Our Lady appeared and protected the people of Poland. Each morning at 6am they unveil her. I ran to the unveiling as soon as I got out of the bus and trumpets loudly played as they unveiled her! It was so beautiful! I also offered my prayers to her. In this chapel, the prayers are offered to Her by walking on your knees around the perimeter of the church. That was one of the most powerful things I did in Poland! Krakow was beautiful! We visited the church were John Paul II was Bishop and where he went to college. On a lighter note, Krakow has the best hot chocolate in the world! :) One of the most intense days was visited Aushwitz and Birkeneau. Not only was it just somber but the temperatures were extremely cold. It was colder than Austria. In Aushwitz we saw where St. Maximillian Kolbe was in the starvation cell and where John Paul II visited after his death. One of the most stark things at Aushwitz that I saw was the 2 tons of hair of all the women killed there. After Aushwitz, we had dinner at the house of Sisters that have a devotion to St. Maximillian Kolbe. We also visited the Shrine of the Divine Mercy which was incredible. One of St. Faustina's sister gave us a really beautiful talk about mercy and how Christ is crucified to one side of the cross and on the other side of the cross- that is where we are to be crucified with him. The last stop was Wadowice where John Paul II grew up. We went inside his house which is now a little museum and was able to see his crib, ski clothing, scapulars, Papal Clothing, grades, and all sorts of things. We prayed for awhile in his home parish where he recieved first communion, baptized, and was confirmed. One of my favorite parts of the Church was praying where he would always go to pray each time he came to the church and that was the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help! One fun thing I did was eat John Paul II's favorite dessert which are called Papa Cakes! They are so heavy and filling!! Poland was such a blessing and I learned so much! I have so many more details that I could share but hopefully I can in person! :) The pictures: Me in front of John Paul II's church and this is his church

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