Salzburg and Munich!

Hey everyone! I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Salzburg, Austria and Munich, Germany! We left Friday morning for Salzburg and spent the day touring and visiting some of the Sound of Music sites which was really exciting! All of us watched the movie the night before we left! It was like a huge family of a 160 in our common area! Salzburg was pretty rainy that day! We definitely had wonderful food: a four course meal at the Sternbrau. They served us red wine, a brothy type of soup, turkey, and a delicious Austrian cake! I enjoyed Salzburg but I enjoyed Munich even more. We left Saturday morning for Munich which was a 2 hour drive from Salzburg. We had a beautiful Mass at this Church where Pope Benedict XV was ordained a cardinal! You could just feel the holiness and annointing in the church. So many tourists stood in the church and watched us celebrate the Mass! After Mass, my friends and I headed out on a quest to find authentic birkenstocks! That was our first quest! I bought them for 35 euro which is pretty cheap! On the way to finding birkenstocks, we found this beautiful Marian church! It was connected to all the shops. I went in and prayed for a little bit and walked around trying to take pictures until an older German woman was thoroughly upset and kept tabs on me the rest of the time I walked around while she prayed the rosary! After praying in the Church we had authentic GERMAN BRAUTWERTS! They were so delicious and on the most delicious bread! Our next mission was to find the subway. We all decided that we wanted to visit the concentration camps in Dachau. We believe that our patron saint from our household died there. So we found the subway and took that to Dachau and then a bus to the concentration camp. Once we stepped off the bus, I could just feel the loneliness and emptiness in my heart of the camp. I cannot describe in words the feelings that came when I was there. It was no longer facts from a textbook to me but reality. I walked through the bunkers and a museum. I was unable to see the gas chambers because the camp was so big and so much to see that we had to catch our bus and subway back to Munich. We did get to visit the Carmelite Monastery at the Camp and pray in the chapel for a quick minute. Each church that I enter in, I say a Memorare for my sisters in household and loved ones! I am praying for all of you! My next adventure will be to the Czech Republic the first weekend in February!

p.s.- This church is the church that they were married in in the Sound of Music! It is in Mondsee!

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