Finally Here!

Gross-Got! As the Austrians say! I am finally in Austria and have been here for 10 days! The flight was about 8-ish hours and went by really fast! It was so exciting finally getting off the plane and landing in Europe! Unfortunately, Austrian Air lost my bags and they were still in the U.S.! No worries though! I got them about 2 days later and luckily I brought a few extra clothes in my carry on! So I landed in Vienna and then it was a 2 hour bus ride to Gaming! Gaming is absolutely gorgeous and quaint. We are surrounded by the Alps with lots of snow! :) Our first day went well! We just got settled and had talks and a social! Our second day here, we went to Admont, Austria. Admont is about 2 hours away as well! It was beautiful. It is a monastery that we visited and had mass at! We toured the largest library in Austria which interestingly enough is the 8th wonder of the world! I wasn't able to take any pictures but I have a brochure! We ate at this small little Austrian restaurant. It was a delicious 4 course meal: cream soup, turkey with asparagus, salad (german potato salad), and an austrian cake. We all had white wine of course! :) The church was beautiful! There was a beautiful picture of St. Margaret Mary holding the Sacred Heart! At least that is what I thought it was! It was so high up! My classes started on Thursday! I'm taking Christian Marriage, Theology of the Church, Ethics, Principles of Biblical Studies 2, and Art Appreciation! I love Theology of the Church! My professor is Scottish and he is such a holy man. Him and his wife just had twins a few days ago so it was pretty exciting here at the Kartause! All my classes are so interesting and I'm learning so much just intellectually, culturally, and spiritually. Last weekend we spent the day in Vienna! We had mass and toured the city. I saw such beautiful things. I saw the Hapsburgs summer home, a place where both Hitler and John Paul II spoke, churches, and just tons and tons of history. Vienna is gorgeous! My favorite part of Vienna was St.Stephen's! The church has been my favorite and most special church to me so far. I was able to walk around and take a few pictures and then I prayed for a little bit. I prayed in front of a portrait of Our Lady that cried tears. There is a replica in Hungary. It was so beautiful! There were so many candles lit for her. I said a Memorare for all the people I love and for all my friends and sisters back home! I'm just soaking in all the beauty here! Oh yes and we went to a really cute cafe where they served my hot chocolate on a silver platter! Some friends and I visited the National Treasurey Museum where we saw the veil that Veronica wiped Jesus' face with! God is so good and I'm so thankful for all of these experiences! He is challenging me in so many ways and teaching me so much! I started working for Sister Faustina and I love my job! I wash all the altar cloths and iron them and fold them! It is such a handmaid job! Franciscan in Austria has so much to offer! The Franciscan T.O.R. sisters here are offering a Bible Study for Women on Wednesday nights for women at there home! Tonight was the first night and it has been wonderful! I'm going to also start having some spiritual direction with Sister Jean-Marie! The sisters are here to support us and encourage us! Keep praying for me and all the students as we travel and continue to grow!
P.S. the picture is of Me and my household sister Maria at Admont

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  1. It is so beautiful Erin and so amazing you are
    being able to do all these things. I will continue to pray for you and your fellow students
    for safe travels and a wonderful semester of
    learning the beauty around you. I miss you.
    Love you Mom